Grand Theft Auto 5 Reviewed

Grand Theft Auto 5 is basically the fifth main installment to the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. Just like its previous iterations, GTA 5 is an action-adventure game that takes place in an open world environment. In this game, you are bound to take control of the three main protagonists: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. The stories of these characters are intertwined and throughout each mission, all three characters will end up working together as they aim to target the Union Depository for their final, and probably their biggest, heist mission.

One of the strongest aspects of this game is its cinematic plot. It’s just amazing to know that this game manage to provide a storyline that is so intense but in a way that you don’t get too carried away by the rich storyline. If you remove all of the game elements, this game could actually be turned into a real action-packed movie that, of course, would feature a wide variety of impressive cars.

Anyways, the main objective of this game is to be able to get through every mission without getting busted and chased by the cops. Since there are three protagonists, you can just switch from one character to another. Moreover, the game’s core mechanics are still there but unlike before, players are finally given the option to replay their missions. Just like in GTA IV, this game also has a built-in GPS feature which makes it easier for you to go to a certain location.

Undoubtedly, GTA 5 has improved a lot in terms of graphics, gameplay and plot. It’s more intense and more engaging. More importantly, this game has managed to take its heists missions to an entirely different level. While in between missions, you are also free to spend your cash on car upgrades, weapons, properties, businesses, clothes and almost everything that you can think of.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely a must-have game especially to those who are actively following the GTA franchise. It’s one of those unique games that feature almost everything that you want in an action-adventure genre. Besides, who wouldn’t be tempted to explore the fictional city of Los Santos?

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