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Three reasons why mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop

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Over the last decade or so, modern technology has advanced at a pretty startling rate, far quicker in fact, than most of us could have ever imagined. At the forefront of all of these technological advances however, was smart technology, specifically smart phones. It’s hard to believe that smart phones are less than ten years old, as it feels like they’ve been around forever, and they are quickly becoming one of those inventions that we wonder how we managed without them for so long. Businesses in particular, have benefitted heavily from smart phones, due to the fact that these devices allow people to browse the internet on their phones, whilst out and about. Because so many people are now choosing to browse the web using their phones and tablets, as opposed to computers and laptops, mobile browsing is actually becoming more popular than desktop browsing. To help emphasize this point, here’s a look at three reasons why this is.

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Enhanced user-experiences – With mobile websites, and mobile optimized websites, these sites have been especially created and optimized for handheld smart devices, such as phones and tablets. If you’ve ever tried browsing a desktop website on your smart phone, you’ll know exactly why this is. Browsing a desktop website using your phone is an absolute nightmare as you have to scroll all over the page, zoom in and out, and it generally takes forever to read even the simplest of texts. Mobile browsing however, offers an enhanced user-experience as the website has been specially designed to fit perfectly onto the screens of phones and tablets. That means you can read everything on one page, you don’t need to zoom in and out to click on links etc, and the text is also displayed in just the right size.

Increased loading and download speeds – Another very unique reason why mobile browsing is proving to be more popular than desktop browsing is the fact that mobile optimized sites offer much faster loading and download speeds when compared with regular desktop sites. whereas some desktop sites can take what seems like an eternity to load, mobile optimized websites can take a matter of seconds, or sometimes even less than that. That means that, when you click to watch a video, or to go onto a new page, rather than waiting for the pages to load, and the videos to buffer etc, you get to watch what you like, and go where you like, almost instantaneously.

Enhanced SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest keys to success for any business with any form of website, as a strong online presence is absolutely essential in today’s day and age. Another reason why mobile browsing is proving to be so incredibly popular is the fact that mobile websites have been found to offer improved online rankings in mobile-friendly search engines, including, yes, that one. The further up the search rankings you go, the better your SEO becomes and the more people are likely to come across your site. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the benefit of placements amongst local and mobile directories as well.