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Diablo 3: Tips & Tricks

Diablo 3 really did make a huge splash when it was first released and now the consoles are also getting in on the act. So there is no better time to go and have a look at some of the best little tips and tricks to make your demon slaying and loot gathering all the more fun.

Know Your Colors When It Comes To Items

Ok the grey items are just no use what so ever. Blue items are cool as they have one magical thing going on at least. Yellow on the other hand are rarer than blue and also have a higher starting stat and far more magic enhancements. White items are actually useable, but they do not offer any magical enhancements, but they are still worthwhile. Orange items are the legendary ones. Green are also legendary, but they are matching so if you get a full set of green ones you will get a bonus.

Do Not Drop Your Loot In Co Op

When you are playing co op any gold or other cool loot make sure when you pick it up you do not drop it. At first only you and you alone can see it, but if you drop it then it becomes up for grabs to all the people playing with you.

Don’t Be A Jerk, Help Out Your Buddies

In Co Op if your buddy goes down then just a click of the left mouse button can bring them back which will save then having to catch up with you from their last checkpoint. But be warned if a bad guy hits you while you are reviving them then you have to start again.

Get Your Items Fixed!!!!!

This cannot be stressed enough! After you finish a dungeon make sure that you get your items fixed before heading off to another one. You may think that you are a big man and do not need to, but t will save your butt in the long run and also it really does not cost that much to do.

Take Down Those Yellow Monsters

If you see a monster who has a yellow glow to them make sure you open a can of whoop ass on them. These are the legendry monsters and they 9/10 will drop some really cool loot for you to snap up. So do not be intimidated by these guys as the battle is well worth the reward.

Your Mouse Will Thank You!

If you are fighting an enemy then do not just keep smashing your mouse button. You can just hold down the button and your character will attack until the battle is over. Your wrist and mouse will thank you for this.

Health Orbs Are Shared By All

In Co Op when a health orb appears you do not all need to fight over who gets it. You see the health orbs unlike the loot are shared so if one player picks up a health orb then it will give all players some health back.

Use The Dungeon To Help You

Sometimes the environment can be used to your advantage. For example if you see a fancy chandelier above a monster hit it and it will fall landing on the monster for an instant kill and a nice bonus as well.

Careful When Attacking From A Distance

If you like to attack from a distance be careful when you are aiming. If you miss aim and press on the floor next the monster then your character will run over there which really can be frustrating and put you on the wrong end of a beating.