iPhone 5S – an in-depth look at features

Apple recently launched the most awaited smart phone of the pasr 2 years, iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c are the two smart phones launched by the company. These models also introduced Apple’s new operating system iOS 7 which boasts some awesome out of the box features. We are going to discuss the main features of the iPhone 5s model.

The Features:

The iPhone 5s has no doubt some extraordinary features including latest hardware upgrades and inclusions such as M7 motion co-processor, Touch ID, iSight Camera, and newly 64 bit architecture. There are also many other features which differentiate this smart phone from it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5. Apple is cleverly turning its old features in a new way into its upcoming products.

The Operating System:

The iPhone 5s is cleverly featuring Apple’s own new operating system- iOS 7. Developers are now looking to get the most of the advantages of iOS7 to offer user a new experience of Apple’s product so stay on the looking for new apps to come.


The new iPhone 5s comes in 3 impressive colors: silver, gold and space grey. This separates the iPhone 5s from the other Apple’s smart phone products.

Configuration of iPhone 5s

This product comes in three different storage spaces which are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The price ranges from $699 to $999 if you bought from an Australian contract provider or on a $50-$120 per month plan.

Touch ID:

iPhone 5s has no home button like it used to in previous products. It is no more concave and has become flat and recessed. Touch ID is the fingerprint scanner created by Apple which is the secret sauce of scanning technology and can be clickable as well as capacitive. The button turns the slide to unlock feature into a fingerprint scanner. This is eventually fast and effective and scanning process happens invisibly.


Apple’s new upgrade on its camera makes it even better. An 8 mega pixel camera takes very clear digital photos and generates high quality videos.

All New A7 Processor:

We are in a time where speeds matter a lot whether it is a PC or a smart phone. The iPhone 5s comes with a speed which is more than twice it’s predecessor.

Other features:

Like the GPU is used in computer’s processor, the M7 coprocessor takes the credit for the motion measurement compass and similar things in the A7 CPU.

Apple claims that it saves 6 times the power for the apps which uses motion and it will also adjust the iPhone 5s according to usage.

Apple is now offering the flashlight feature by default in the iPhone 5s – a feature which many had to jailbreak to achieve prior.

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  2. Gold iphone says:

    Iphone 5s has many features that excite me very much, and I am going to buy this and the most that strike me is the Touch ID. Thanks for posting the features!

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