Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3

So Diablo 3 has been out for a while now, but for one reason or another some gamers despite the praise the game has received are unwilling to ditch Diablo 2 to make the leap to the new game as they are so invested into Diablo 2. But really is Diablo 3 that much better than Diablo 2? Let’s have a closer look to find out. We are breaking it down into three sections. Story, Graphics and Game play.

The Story

This is a really weird category to judge the two games on. Diablo 2 simply had a fantastic story. It continued on from the first game very well. It has a dark and broody story that sees the hero of the first game for all his good intentions has become corrupted and this has resulted in demons entering the world. The story is told in different acts and it really is engaging.  There are great characters who are actually interesting as well. The one downside is the voice acting. While it does not spoil the story it really does in some places sound quite cheesy.

Diablo 3 on the other hand really does have some truly spectacular voice acting. The voice acting in Diablo 3 really is head and shoulder above what Diablo 2 offered. As well as this Diablo 3 tries to be far more epic in scale as well. But it just does not work. It’s really hard to say why, but despite the more complex story and superior voice acting. From a story point of view Diablo 3 just is nowhere near as interesting as what Diablo 2 offered.

Winner: Diablo 2

While this may just be personal preference. It is like Diablo 2 goes for more substance with its story. Diablo 3 on the other hand tries to be a little to epic and does not quite pull it off.


Diablo 2 was a great looking game. While it really did not improve on what the original Diablo had done. The graphics in Diablo 2 do a wonderful job in creating a fantastic atmosphere. The various levels all look great and there are also some cool effects like rain that will just start to pour down. The various character models also look great with the sorceress and her various spells in particular looking very impressive. The cinimatics were just draw dropping and really did bring the story to life.

Diablo 3 just looks amazing and as you would expect for a game that is over a decade younger it really does blow Diablo 2 out of the water. Diablo 3 just has so much stuff going on as you explore each level it really is quite staggering. The cinematics once again look phenomenal and do bring the whole world to life.  Diablo 3 was easily one of the best looking games of 2012 and even the console versions have a great high polished look to them as well.

Winner: Diablo 3

Ok this was a really harsh comparison because Diablo 2 is a great looking game, but it just cannot compete with the much newer Diablo 3.

Game Play

On the surface Diablo 2 is a hack and slash RPG you go from area to area killing tons of monsters always praying to score some great loot. But as Diablo fans know to call this game just a hack and slash RPG is really unfair. As there is a crazy level of customization that Diablo 2 offers. You really can dig in deep and craft your character and items to your exact specifications. Which for some people can be quite intimidating. But if you take the time to learn what Diablo 2 has to offer you will realize why people are still playing this game over a decade later.

Diablo 3 brought Diablo to a whole new audience especially when it was released on the consoles. And because of this what we have here is a much more streamlined Diablo game. It still offers that fantastic hack and slash action that you would expect, but it’s much easier to pick up and play and get right into. What it lacks in its level of customization and depth it makes up for in its pure action.

Winner: Diablo 3

Both are fantastic games, but Diablo 3 with its somewhat streamlined rpg style makes for a overall more enjoyable game. RPG and Diablo purists will no doubt disagree, but by making Diablo 3 the way they did Blizzard have ensured more people will be able to enjoy the game.

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