Three reasons why mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop

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Over the last decade or so, modern technology has advanced at a pretty startling rate, far quicker in fact, than most of us could have ever imagined. At the forefront of all of these technological advances however, was smart technology, specifically smart phones. It’s hard to believe that smart phones are less than ten years old, as it feels like they’ve been around forever, and they are quickly becoming one of those inventions that we wonder how we managed without them for so long. Businesses in particular, have benefitted heavily from smart phones, due to the fact that these devices allow people to browse the internet on their phones, whilst out and about. Because so many people are now choosing to browse the web using their phones and tablets, as opposed to computers and laptops, mobile browsing is actually becoming more popular than desktop browsing. To help emphasize this point, here’s a look at three reasons why this is.

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Enhanced user-experiences – With mobile websites, and mobile optimized websites, these sites have been especially created and optimized for handheld smart devices, such as phones and tablets. If you’ve ever tried browsing a desktop website on your smart phone, you’ll know exactly why this is. Browsing a desktop website using your phone is an absolute nightmare as you have to scroll all over the page, zoom in and out, and it generally takes forever to read even the simplest of texts. Mobile browsing however, offers an enhanced user-experience as the website has been specially designed to fit perfectly onto the screens of phones and tablets. That means you can read everything on one page, you don’t need to zoom in and out to click on links etc, and the text is also displayed in just the right size.

Increased loading and download speeds – Another very unique reason why mobile browsing is proving to be more popular than desktop browsing is the fact that mobile optimized sites offer much faster loading and download speeds when compared with regular desktop sites. whereas some desktop sites can take what seems like an eternity to load, mobile optimized websites can take a matter of seconds, or sometimes even less than that. That means that, when you click to watch a video, or to go onto a new page, rather than waiting for the pages to load, and the videos to buffer etc, you get to watch what you like, and go where you like, almost instantaneously.

Enhanced SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest keys to success for any business with any form of website, as a strong online presence is absolutely essential in today’s day and age. Another reason why mobile browsing is proving to be so incredibly popular is the fact that mobile websites have been found to offer improved online rankings in mobile-friendly search engines, including, yes, that one. The further up the search rankings you go, the better your SEO becomes and the more people are likely to come across your site. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the benefit of placements amongst local and mobile directories as well.

Today’s top 3 Smartphones

The mobile phone industry has technologically advanced very quickly and it has also become a very competitive industry as well. It used to be that a cell phone would simply make telephone calls without needing a landline connection. Now, computer companies have invented cell phones that can also act as computers themselves. These phones, which are called Smartphones, allow users to go on the internet, play games, listen to music and much more. The current number one selling Smartphone is the Apple iPhone 5S. Apple’s product line of iPhones has been a big hit since their original debut. The reason being is that Apple tries to improve each new model with an innovative piece of technology that the previous model did not have. With the iPhone 5S, the new technology in that was the fingerprint sensor. This allows people to lock their computers and then use their own fingerprint as a way of identifying themselves as the owner of the iPhone. Once the fingerprint matches the one set on file, the iPhone will activate and let the person use the phone. This is meant to replace the annoying old fashioned security method of typing in your password.

Besides iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Motorola Moto X are the next top Smartphones to purchase. The Galaxy Note 3 is especially popular because of its bright high definition screen. It also contains an ultrafast Snapdragon 800 computer processor, which is made to load apps faster than previous models. The battery life has been tested and found to hold a charge of up to 11 hours. Its newest software feature is the ability to have two apps open at the same time and to be able to transfer content between them. Now for consumers that are on a budget, they have found the Motorola Moto X to be a very affordable alternative to the bigger brand Smartphones. The Moto X is the first Smartphone that gives people the ability to design it themselves with accent hues and back colors. It even has voice controls similar to Apple’s Siri and it also has a 10 megapixel digital camera as well. Best of all, it is less than $100 and supports all major phone carriers. This is the perfect Smartphone to buy your child or to use yourself if you don’t need all the fancy applications that come with the more expensive phones.

Why Smart TV Is Dumb – Google’s Chromecast

Google has a tendency to turn everything upside down. Most people do not even realize that when they released the “Hummingbird” search algorithm it was a rip out and replace of the code in place since 2001.

However this is not about Hummingbird. Relatively speaking little noticed is one of Google’s ‘turn everything upside down moments’, Google Chromecast.

When I say relatively little noticed, let’s put emphasis on the word relatively. When it launched a few weeks ago it was sold out on Amazon in a matter of hours. Google’s very own Play Store went into backorder for weeks., Thankfully that is corrected now.

So what exactly is Chromecast and what does it do to make Smart TVs dumb?

Answering the second question first: convenience and price.

Google’s Chromecast is a mere $35 (plus any applicable taxes) and using an HDMI port, makes a ‘dumb’ TV, Smart. If you of looked at the price difference between a smart TV and a entry-level LCD TV with an LED backlight the spread difference is a couple hundred dollars, not $35.

Now let’s take on convenience. The $35 HDMI dongle can travel with you. Let’s take the popular option, Netflix. While I watch Netflix on my smart TV, my account information is locked into that wall-mounted TV. Certainly you will agree I can just put it in my pocket like I can Google Chromecast.

Another aspect of convenience over my smart TV is how the ‘remote’ works. The Google Chromecast dongle uses a separate device such as my tablet as the remote control.

Is important to note that whatever device I’m using (computer, tablet, Smart phone) is just that, a remote control. In other words, actual data is not streaming through the remote control.

This allows my ‘remote control’ to going back and being a device for something else when not actually commanding Google Chromecast.

I’m not going to lie and say I enjoy typing on the virtual keyboard of my 7 inch tablet. And it beats the pants off of thumbing the arrow keys on the remote control of my smart TV.

There is one more advantage of convenience over my smart TV. I can only use the apps that Sony has deep me worthy of having. No Vimio for me on the Sony.

The cool Chromecast dongle has forced me into action. The 240 Hz Sony 3-D 32 inch TV is now my main monitor in my small video studio.

I’m replacing the Sony with a much larger ‘dumb’ LG in the living room, not outstanding in its features according to many reviews, with the exception of a great picture.

I was sure to check the specifications and make sure it had more than one HDMI port and at least a USB jack (1) of limited service to power the Google Chromecast dongle neatly. I’ll throw the USB AC ‘wall wart’ in a box with the others.

As of the time of this writing Google Chromecast can handle many video services beyond Netflix. And you need not fear if your favorite is not available yet. Google has released the APIs as open source. Given that, everybody and their brother should have a Google Chromecast app available shortly.

You Need

  • Google Chromecast dongle
  • USB port to power the dongle (or bring the USB power adapter)
  • Open HDMI port
  • Some device to serve as the remote control
  • Wi-Fi connection

It is doubtful you will find a more cost-effective way to get Internet television.

Have you tried Google Chromecast? Share your praise or your pain in comments.

Diablo 3: Tips & Tricks

Diablo 3 really did make a huge splash when it was first released and now the consoles are also getting in on the act. So there is no better time to go and have a look at some of the best little tips and tricks to make your demon slaying and loot gathering all the more fun.

Know Your Colors When It Comes To Items

Ok the grey items are just no use what so ever. Blue items are cool as they have one magical thing going on at least. Yellow on the other hand are rarer than blue and also have a higher starting stat and far more magic enhancements. White items are actually useable, but they do not offer any magical enhancements, but they are still worthwhile. Orange items are the legendary ones. Green are also legendary, but they are matching so if you get a full set of green ones you will get a bonus.

Do Not Drop Your Loot In Co Op

When you are playing co op any gold or other cool loot make sure when you pick it up you do not drop it. At first only you and you alone can see it, but if you drop it then it becomes up for grabs to all the people playing with you.

Don’t Be A Jerk, Help Out Your Buddies

In Co Op if your buddy goes down then just a click of the left mouse button can bring them back which will save then having to catch up with you from their last checkpoint. But be warned if a bad guy hits you while you are reviving them then you have to start again.

Get Your Items Fixed!!!!!

This cannot be stressed enough! After you finish a dungeon make sure that you get your items fixed before heading off to another one. You may think that you are a big man and do not need to, but t will save your butt in the long run and also it really does not cost that much to do.

Take Down Those Yellow Monsters

If you see a monster who has a yellow glow to them make sure you open a can of whoop ass on them. These are the legendry monsters and they 9/10 will drop some really cool loot for you to snap up. So do not be intimidated by these guys as the battle is well worth the reward.

Your Mouse Will Thank You!

If you are fighting an enemy then do not just keep smashing your mouse button. You can just hold down the button and your character will attack until the battle is over. Your wrist and mouse will thank you for this.

Health Orbs Are Shared By All

In Co Op when a health orb appears you do not all need to fight over who gets it. You see the health orbs unlike the loot are shared so if one player picks up a health orb then it will give all players some health back.

Use The Dungeon To Help You

Sometimes the environment can be used to your advantage. For example if you see a fancy chandelier above a monster hit it and it will fall landing on the monster for an instant kill and a nice bonus as well.

Careful When Attacking From A Distance

If you like to attack from a distance be careful when you are aiming. If you miss aim and press on the floor next the monster then your character will run over there which really can be frustrating and put you on the wrong end of a beating.

iPhone 5S – an in-depth look at features

Apple recently launched the most awaited smart phone of the pasr 2 years, iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c are the two smart phones launched by the company. These models also introduced Apple’s new operating system iOS 7 which boasts some awesome out of the box features. We are going to discuss the main features of the iPhone 5s model.

The Features:

The iPhone 5s has no doubt some extraordinary features including latest hardware upgrades and inclusions such as M7 motion co-processor, Touch ID, iSight Camera, and newly 64 bit architecture. There are also many other features which differentiate this smart phone from it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5. Apple is cleverly turning its old features in a new way into its upcoming products.

The Operating System:

The iPhone 5s is cleverly featuring Apple’s own new operating system- iOS 7. Developers are now looking to get the most of the advantages of iOS7 to offer user a new experience of Apple’s product so stay on the looking for new apps to come.


The new iPhone 5s comes in 3 impressive colors: silver, gold and space grey. This separates the iPhone 5s from the other Apple’s smart phone products.

Configuration of iPhone 5s

This product comes in three different storage spaces which are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The price ranges from $699 to $999 if you bought from an Australian contract provider or on a $50-$120 per month plan.

Touch ID:

iPhone 5s has no home button like it used to in previous products. It is no more concave and has become flat and recessed. Touch ID is the fingerprint scanner created by Apple which is the secret sauce of scanning technology and can be clickable as well as capacitive. The button turns the slide to unlock feature into a fingerprint scanner. This is eventually fast and effective and scanning process happens invisibly.


Apple’s new upgrade on its camera makes it even better. An 8 mega pixel camera takes very clear digital photos and generates high quality videos.

All New A7 Processor:

We are in a time where speeds matter a lot whether it is a PC or a smart phone. The iPhone 5s comes with a speed which is more than twice it’s predecessor.

Other features:

Like the GPU is used in computer’s processor, the M7 coprocessor takes the credit for the motion measurement compass and similar things in the A7 CPU.

Apple claims that it saves 6 times the power for the apps which uses motion and it will also adjust the iPhone 5s according to usage.

Apple is now offering the flashlight feature by default in the iPhone 5s – a feature which many had to jailbreak to achieve prior.

Sony PlayStation 4 release in November

The Sony PlayStation 4 is slated for Australian release on November 29, almost a year after the Wii U first became available in stores. It will cost $435 at launch, and is available for pre-order both on- and offline. It is a part of the eighth generation of consoles, and is competing against both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Unique to the PlayStation 4 is the ability to convert smartphones and tablets into a second screen by connecting it to the system with the PlayStation App. Streaming video content will also be available through a cloud-based gaming service known as GaiKai. Additionally, the PlayStation Vita can be used to play most games on the system via Remote Play.

The PlayStation 4 supports used games, which can be traded, sold, or lent to a friend without any consequences. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that the system will be backwards compatible with games from previous iterations of the PlayStation. This includes both disc-based and digital copies.

Regarding hardware, the PS4 has an x86 processor, an 8-core combined CPU/GPU, 8 gigabytes of unified GDDR5 memory (compare that to the PS3’s 512 megabytes), and a local 500 gigabyte HDD, among other things. It has both a DVD and Blu-Ray drive, and is capable of HDMI output. Other features include WiFi and ethernet connectivity, wireless controllers, Bluetooth, and two USB ports. The console also has an “Instant On” feature, which allows it to boot up immediately.

Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3

So Diablo 3 has been out for a while now, but for one reason or another some gamers despite the praise the game has received are unwilling to ditch Diablo 2 to make the leap to the new game as they are so invested into Diablo 2. But really is Diablo 3 that much better than Diablo 2? Let’s have a closer look to find out. We are breaking it down into three sections. Story, Graphics and Game play.

The Story

This is a really weird category to judge the two games on. Diablo 2 simply had a fantastic story. It continued on from the first game very well. It has a dark and broody story that sees the hero of the first game for all his good intentions has become corrupted and this has resulted in demons entering the world. The story is told in different acts and it really is engaging.  There are great characters who are actually interesting as well. The one downside is the voice acting. While it does not spoil the story it really does in some places sound quite cheesy.

Diablo 3 on the other hand really does have some truly spectacular voice acting. The voice acting in Diablo 3 really is head and shoulder above what Diablo 2 offered. As well as this Diablo 3 tries to be far more epic in scale as well. But it just does not work. It’s really hard to say why, but despite the more complex story and superior voice acting. From a story point of view Diablo 3 just is nowhere near as interesting as what Diablo 2 offered.

Winner: Diablo 2

While this may just be personal preference. It is like Diablo 2 goes for more substance with its story. Diablo 3 on the other hand tries to be a little to epic and does not quite pull it off.


Diablo 2 was a great looking game. While it really did not improve on what the original Diablo had done. The graphics in Diablo 2 do a wonderful job in creating a fantastic atmosphere. The various levels all look great and there are also some cool effects like rain that will just start to pour down. The various character models also look great with the sorceress and her various spells in particular looking very impressive. The cinimatics were just draw dropping and really did bring the story to life.

Diablo 3 just looks amazing and as you would expect for a game that is over a decade younger it really does blow Diablo 2 out of the water. Diablo 3 just has so much stuff going on as you explore each level it really is quite staggering. The cinematics once again look phenomenal and do bring the whole world to life.  Diablo 3 was easily one of the best looking games of 2012 and even the console versions have a great high polished look to them as well.

Winner: Diablo 3

Ok this was a really harsh comparison because Diablo 2 is a great looking game, but it just cannot compete with the much newer Diablo 3.

Game Play

On the surface Diablo 2 is a hack and slash RPG you go from area to area killing tons of monsters always praying to score some great loot. But as Diablo fans know to call this game just a hack and slash RPG is really unfair. As there is a crazy level of customization that Diablo 2 offers. You really can dig in deep and craft your character and items to your exact specifications. Which for some people can be quite intimidating. But if you take the time to learn what Diablo 2 has to offer you will realize why people are still playing this game over a decade later.

Diablo 3 brought Diablo to a whole new audience especially when it was released on the consoles. And because of this what we have here is a much more streamlined Diablo game. It still offers that fantastic hack and slash action that you would expect, but it’s much easier to pick up and play and get right into. What it lacks in its level of customization and depth it makes up for in its pure action.

Winner: Diablo 3

Both are fantastic games, but Diablo 3 with its somewhat streamlined rpg style makes for a overall more enjoyable game. RPG and Diablo purists will no doubt disagree, but by making Diablo 3 the way they did Blizzard have ensured more people will be able to enjoy the game.

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